Unique, Useful & Wearable Art

Alesa’s “FUN” Projects!

Beautiful Wood Crosses

All bases start with using clean wood or barn board style wood for the base to build on. Wood with knot holes or imperfections is considered amazing in it’s original form, and I work around the beauty of that imperfection.

Dangerous Crosses

The Dangerous Collection uses sharp broken glass, broken mirror, broken pottery, bits to create art. Cross sizes vary. For example the RR track cross is 18 x 25. Dangerous Fiesta is 13 x 15.

Jewellery Collection

The jewelry collection can be new, used, antique, or even broken parts of jewelry. I used lots of Mother’s old jewelry, and my old jewelry on the beginning crosses in the jewelry cross category. The supply of unique elements to create a cross is endless and can be made into very personal, unique, one of a kind art. Sizes vary, even though they all look the same size in this collection. For instance the cross near my fathers photo is 16 x 20, & jewel cross with a butterfly at the top is 11 x 13.

Natural Wood Eagle Cross  … Bird Nest & Nature Art

This is one of a kind ART. the wood is naturally left to be what I saw in the unembellished raw wood. I defined a few lines to let others see what I initially saw. This one of a kind cross resides in a house of a good friend. (size: 7 x 5)