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Alesa moved to Phoenix in 1985.

As a musician, I read the New Times like a bible of the city and surrounding areas. I worked at many different clubs in and around Phoenix. I auditioned and was hired at Rawhide in late 1986. I worked in the saloon playing guitar and singing for 9 years, give or take, on Charlie’s days off. Charlie was a 25 year veteran of Rawhide, and a staple for returning visitors, singing and playing guitar in the saloon five nights a week. It was an honor to work there on his days off. I entertained on the hayrides, throughout the year, and in different areas around the Park – campfire dinners and such.

Here is a video of a performance in 2016 at Glencroft. It includes classic standards, folk, classic country, classic rock & roll and a variety of entertainment.

In 1987, I auditioned and was one of 12 candidates selected out of 7000 to appear on the the  “YOU Can Be a Star”  program in Nashville, Tennessee. It was sort of the first Star Search type venue and I was the only person in the history of the program to actually play my guitar on the show. They had 3 sideline guitarists playing  as well – just in case I messed up or whatever they expected me to do, or not do! I sang an original song, “Winter Rose.” I did not win that competition, but it was a hell of a learning experience!

Check out some songs:

Homeward Bound

Winter Rose (Alesa Original: Upbeat tune; looking for love)

Danny Boy


Choo Choo Cha Boogie

Ain’t Misbehavin’

When I Get Where I’m Goin’  (Bill & Alesa singing together)

Best of all Possible Worlds (Bill and Alesa)

Bad Leroy Brown  (Bill & Alesa)

Hold On  (Alesa Original: attempt at a Christian song, with a strong beat)

Owl Toes (Alesa Original: humor, date gone bad)

Alesa Gallian Song List

Includes 3 pages of tunes I select from when performing – I’m always adding and updating this list.

Want a copy of these songs & more? Contact me, CDs are available for purchase!

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More info ’bout me:

Alesa 2017

Alesa/Audrey’s Angels, Good Morning Arizona (approx. 2007).

The Spokesman Review/Spokane Chronicle, August 17, 1984, Spokane, Washington

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