Kayaks Built by Hand

kayak4One day, Bill Dreier bought an instruction book on making a Sea Going Kayak. He read the book then began to pinpoint the instructions for the multiple pattern pieces, on graph paper, which he then transferred to wood to begin cutting the wooden forms.

The 200 long wooden strips for the body were milled to length and width according to the instructions. Then, once the bottom shell was finished, he took a float around the swimming pool, sitting in it and checking the balance. kayakbottom

There are storage compartments at both ends of the Kayak that are accessed from the top, held in place with strong elastic cord and hooks. The seat is ordered specially, made of molded foam.

At last, when the top and bottom of the Kayak are finished, it is then sealed together (the assembly reminds one of a Faberge Egg). Months later, with assembly complete and the body sealed with a special paint coating, he launched it’s maiden voyage in the backyard swimming pool. This original Kayak is made of White Pine, is 17.5 ft length and weighs about 65 pounds. The size can vary if a smaller Kayak is more to your liking.

kyakbuddiesThe photo with 4 men laying across the body of the Kayak demonstrates 650 pounds of weight aboard, yet the Kayak is unsinkable.

A covering for the Kayak is made of outdoor fabric, which we call a “BOAT COAT”. This one is designed with a zipper, to slide on and off with ease. The “BOAT COAT” is useful for keeping dust off the kayak while not in use, and to prevent damage when transporting.[supsystic-gallery id=’3′]